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superficial. When such a monocyst is large, the abdomen is likely to

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into all hearts by the rapidity of its spread, the ravages

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The indications were that the heart muscle was the organ to

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type are probably comparatively rare, and these tumors are gen-

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a fulfilling experience, one he loved to share with his

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alcoholics, and, on the other hand, to avoid the evils of their over-use.

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So, when Dr. Kime announces that he will start the Iowa Medical Journal

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hair and beard were perfectly white ; he had lost all his teeth ;

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is accompanied with a counter-report by one of the offi-

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special region of the cord occurring as a complication of

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feeling, as she said, quite well, although her face was badly marked.

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tPaper rMul before th« Society of Biology, Parts, February, 1897.

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influence of chloroform; the anesthetic was given from a wire mask cov-

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members considers descendants of alcoholics as likely to

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who devote their wisdom to the development of truth are the real bene-

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peared such that in about 50% of symptomatic patients, a

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One writer on the subject, who has evidently never seen a case,

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It is clear, therefore, that, where this principle of sewage purification

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time, has gained flesh, his cough has left him, and he seems cured, except

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was healthy ; the seminiferous tubules were reduced to half of their size ;

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The other conditions to which the name " electric chorea " has been

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in the beginning of the treatment, in doses of from 10

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