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upon as arguing in the same direction, yet one feels sure that Pfeiffer

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Hehbebt R. Suoo, M.D.. to Miss Florence Olney, both of

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cephaeline appeared, therefore, to be distinctly preferable where a non-de-

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Instead of the lowered temperature seen in ordinary polyuria, there is

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testimony be carefully weighed it would not be long " before we should come

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> Buise : Deutsche Zeitscbrift t Chirurgie, N. 33, p. 30. Enderlin : Arch. f. klin. Cblr., xlri.

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carotid. From my experience I think this is unnecessary. Of course, the

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a polypus should not be removed by the single stroke of a knife or

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portionately high. Titration of the hasea, therefore, is the only

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a. Right lobe. 6. Left lobe. c. Quadrate lobe. d. Lobus Splgelii. e. Gall-bladder. /. Upper

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> Buise : Deutsche Zeitscbrift t Chirurgie, N. 33, p. 30. Enderlin : Arch. f. klin. Cblr., xlri.

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occurs, as is shown by the authors' cases on the one hand, and by Boucheron's

prix de la terramycine


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operated on at two months. The painful tumor in the left

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cline on the back, with right leg fiexed. and the examination

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was no cerebral symptom, save occa.<ional headache ; neither nausea

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We may summarize our results with thesie strong alcoholic beverages

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claimed for their method results which even the meagre number of cases

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ribs and down through the old cicatrix. The peritoneal cavity was

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