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inal viscera had been removed, which naturally gave him extreme distress,

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than in adults. A chill may usher in the attack, but quite frequently this

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rales heard throughout the chest are modified after a coughing spell. These

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parently as good lives as most other people of the same age.

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is the bias of judgment where self-interest is involved. The

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here the cholera spreads out, almost the whole year round, over larger or

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pulmonary induration was present in 7 (macroscopic in 3, microscopic in 4).

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becomes prolapsed and fsecal incontinence supervenes. This disagreeable

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looked for until the appearance of heavy frosts. In the season referred to,

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Etiology. — Many different theories have been advanced regarding the

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of favorable occupation, and of long-lived stock, has still

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Canal zone in 190-4. Numerous minor outbreaks have occurred over widely

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that children of rheumatic parentage are often highly nervous and prone to

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of the disease, any body of 1,000 men taken from private life and kept

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sons at hand through whom extension could take place; consequently when

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cessory causes. The albumin disappeared after a few hours.

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Treatment of Special Conditions. — Toxaemia. — When severe this may

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of animals, may refer for full information regarding

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often causes slow development of the vesicle, which may not appear for

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as high as 12 per cent, of cases of influenza by Schultz, while it occurred in

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we preserve the integrity of the vascular endothelium, keep the blood moAing

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of relapses, to which allusion has already been made, proves that one attack

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process is usually benign, and no marked increase of the number of those

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hot water. To get a very active counter-irritant efi'ect, a

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based upon such experiences as those of Germany. It is sometimes said

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may be transmitted by germinal infection. Pathogenic microbes may pass

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at the University Club, 54th Street and Fifth Avenue.

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which forms the floor of the ulcer in the majority of cases. In rare instances

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which it gains admittance to the body are very various. These "interme-

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lesions similar to those in the testicle were found in the epididymis, ^nd in

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bilateral. Rarely the process extends to the mastoid cells. In the majority

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Mouilleron examined (at one time) four glandered horses

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Following Bright 's valuable researches in 1827, the pro-

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Circulatory System. — The most important cardiac changes are in the

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fifth or sixth day before the appearance of the catarrhal symptoms, there is a

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parts of water, the cover glass held in the forceps, and gently

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CO URTENA F. f f ) " Manual of the Practice of Veterinary

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literature. The results are very inconstant and there is little evidence that

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The typhoid bacillus is the essential cause of the disease, but the means by

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malignant disease, or of intestinal obstruction, or suffer from

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