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Roussy, G., et Cornil, L. La maladie de Basedow et la guerre : critique
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sistence of whey. This cavity was lined w 7 ith coagulated
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no harmful effect. The stasis following CHC1 3 does not appear to be due
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of serum was apparently entirely similar to that observed in the
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Del Prado confirms the remarkable efficiency of neosalvarsan in the
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bovine tuberculosis at Rostock as compared with Berlin is probably due to
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May, 1910, the writer had observed 43 cases of subacute bacterial
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small ; (2) lateral parathyroid glands uncommonly large (true hyperplasia) ;
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great particularity in every part of the process. Besides;
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The organism stains by the Gram methods, though the short
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and other conditions involving the thyroid. J. Pharmacol. Sf Exper. Titer ap.,
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meat at two meals on one day. Albumin, which was absent before the
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He has since continued to enjoy good health, and during the
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Extending their work upon the effects of X-rays upon lymphoid tissue,
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antigenen. Beitr. s. Klin. d. Tuberk., 1921, 47, 20-36.
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per cent.) of the living, albuminuria was moderate or marked ; and
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1910, by planting portions of glands in bouillon, but apparently in
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Dr. Henry Sewall: I wish Dr. Janeway would indicate whether he
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have a special tendency to filter through the ependyma to affect peri-
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1902 for chancre of the cervix and secondary syphilis. After 18 inunctions
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author arrives at the conclusion that the non-coagulability of menstrual
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but later dropped again. Leukocj^te count was 10,400; polymorpho-
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blood-vessels. In the substance of the brain similar perivascular infiltration
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pregnancy, she by degrees ceases to perceive the motions of
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of the body have been studied because they offer a favorable
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that the skin had received the maximum safe dose when the pastille had
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thirty-four j'ears. This patient had had attacks of indigestion for the
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examination of the abdomen showed nothing abnormal ; a month later the
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lacking (Friedberger, Friedmann), though Fellarder and Kling^
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It showed the dura everywhere translucent. While the sinus
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headache was the first symptom was of the atypical type.
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M. Felix describes a series of surgical forceps adapted for the handling
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In the absence of mechanical disproportions between the foetus and
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could be considered as entirely well. Her milk did not leave
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paramount to every other. But in every department of learning
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the kidney, which it had pushed forward, compressing the pelvis. It was
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