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might be cited to avert the constitutional effects of the

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path of those infections which reached the peritoneum

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does not is held liable equally with the physician.

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Peritoneal adhesions are of two kinds those which are use

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consisted in mixing a drop of physiological serum containing numerous

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Kidney Cases and as these remarks come from a surgeon and not

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nndergoing his.preliminary examination or brevet before the College

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which must be associated in order to produce their proper

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various kinds and arise from various causes. In distemper dogs

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manner. If the characteristic symptoms and course of a malady are duly

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Ninety per cent of the outbreaks were related to B. hotulinus

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The condition of the blood differs in a marked degree from

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MM. Bertin and BouiUaud upon rheumatic endocarditis and peri

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in cultures made from feces liver abscess pus or from the intestine

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Simple Ulceration of the Rectum from a Clinical Standpoint

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the street while apparently in perfect health and was brought

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the length of survival of the untreated animals was from to months.

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traced and no further disexse of the brain w. is discovered. The liver

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entering the abdominal cavity I feared would require

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In corresponding with Advertisers pleaae mention THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL BKPOBTEB.

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in Europe is more than problematical. Icard is also on safe ground

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removing the cast the bronchus was swabbed out with

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pathological anatomy is a subject which certainly can

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if possible all tendency to sneeze or cough and all down

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dren. of these influits had convulsions within months after

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In herds of the immunised animals. were mildly. severely affected

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process bat it is one which under all circumstances is fraught with much

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