Propranolol Mood Changes

Dose: Four pills in a teaspoonful of water, the first thing every morn-
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Mortality was 0%. LOS: 14.8 days for LCv5 14.3daysfor
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had the attributes of being slight and temporary, of limiting its process to the excretory
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real and thorough and practical, and he must carry it
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Carbolic acid and actual cautery applied at 3.33, that is, in two
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In some instances indigestion occurs with vet nursing. In
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the transversales than during the night. In the erect posture, the girth
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No Romberg symptom. Can dress and undress and feed himself. Disorienta-
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gently, though friends said he was delirious the night before.
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removed. When her health had been in some degree re-establish-
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there is a greater demand for fluids, saline, iodine,
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Withers, of Rantoul, lUinois, writes to the Chicago
propranolol mood changes
escape of some of the spinal fluid, and boiling the
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