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cannot be estimated under 23,000, stationary or passing through. There were, of

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bones or fragments of them should be carefully removed before commenc-

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journals to be omitted, as affording much assistance to the inquirer.

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the wound was entirely forgotten. Five months later the patient

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After death, it was found that the transverse colon was invagi-

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chiectasis, the remains of chronic tubercular cavities or abscesses in

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the wharf rat, and perhaps the family cat are the real

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Of the second grade, habitual drinkers of intoxicating fluids to the extent

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After reduction to a small compass, the suspected substance is to

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hands of some doctors, because the "grand old public," if

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of medicine. It is even excelled by miserable Parma."

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book is entitled The Great American Fraud, and can be

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Middlesex Hospital, in 1868, was a fatal case of chorea, under Dr. H. Thompson's

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one of which is much coarser than the other. The coarser and

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name ** vasomotor" implying control of the caliber of

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possible to break the bone again; hence, resection was had recourse to on the

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of the disease, and a favorable symptom at that. In

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nation of the case was fortunate, as the nature of the injury led us to appre-

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unafiiBcted at the time of their departure) ; in one on the sixth day, and in the

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and cooling, excess of caustic soda is added, and the precipitate is

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denly disappeared subterraneously, leaving its inhabitants upon dry land. Orange Lake

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bone, which is thus separated, so that the bone loses its

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will be seen that in Cases 3 and 4 headache and drowsiness had

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of chorea. I find that a case of chorea in a man aged 19 is described in the

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strongly contrasted with the red tissues surrounding it, while

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though not a frequent visitor is formidable when it comes,

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pations — such as the whitesmith, the tinman, &lc„ in which small portions

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should be allowed to be covered up with a cloth, or placed in a

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