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and which begets an urgent desire to micturate. If necessary, a

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the insane shows the closest connection between the nerve lesion

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his attendant amputated bis leg, but it did not save him.

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a membrane upon the parts that can be seen and this

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the productions and processes which variously alter, or

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tory affections, is most marked. He gives no alcoholic stimulants,

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of the lens from the nodal point of each eye, and deduct - y

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chemistry, who had called his (Dr. Attfield's) attention to their

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body, with some peculiar to the ear. They are redness, SN^'elling,

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ticles, and that these were described, by several observers,

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WHEREAS, South Dakota was founded with hard work, perseverance, dedication

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badly wounded in their numerous drunken affrays, and

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ing committee: Dr Gary Timmerman, Chairman; Dr Robert

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or to announce that patients who employ its graduates must

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It is true we find them liberal of their thanks to Mr. Steven-

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to the judicious treatment employed in addition to the Hyd.

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the AMA Delegate. Please feel free to contact me at any time

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Fowler's solution in connection with the local treatment, and it

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the metal is put into intense motion. The effects, which are

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subject, as it is such an extensive one; my chief motive is

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The Corps of Geologists recently appointed by the General

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apply to the profession, generally, of this country. It is not

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had made for the injection of Ijromine. He gave the history and

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objects may be used to prove the character of the uneasiness

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mation of Payer's glands, exists either, (and mostly,) alone,

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ysm is dangerous in proportion to the previous duration of the

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primarily have Buddhist upbringing. It is a Buddhist

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ing the infant mortality rate. From my own personal

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be well to disentangle from the mass of ignorance, and often of

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