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HOMCEOPATHIG TREATMENT. Aeanitum has been named as th&
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noying to me. The accident occurred probably a year ago. The
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No. 4 was a most remarkable case, though he died six and a
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way between the knots in little curls or strings. Garnish with
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By W. D. Halliburton, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S., F.R.C.P.,
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That is, the revolution around its own axis is so close in line
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situated immediately in front of the left ear, involving the tragus,
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transparent, united so as to form globular masses from which the ends
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attention to the subject of the regulation of medical
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of you have done some practical work before going into this most
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College of Surgeons on Saturday last, viz. : — 1. Describe the
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resolutions adopted on motion by Dr. Webb, 'That the members
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comment, in a series of lengthy tables. There were 1,944 boys and
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muscular activitj-, and it will never be brought back to my voli-
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will be promptly attended to on the most accommoda-
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restraint. Heated jars were applied along the limbs and to the
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period of active hyperplasia as a rule further enlarges the follicles, since
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by Mr. R. Little, of Singapore, in which is given a very inter-
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artery, or several small ones going to the same part of the brain, be
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secretion and excretion, circulation and respiration, the cause of the aberration may lie en-
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Greenville. Mich., writes: "While reading Dr. ('ha.s.
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et id genus omne, whose name is Legion ; so that surely in this great
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some scrappy suggestions for laxatives. Possibly both Dioscorides
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exposed, and the brain is seen pulsating at the bottom of the wound.
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difficulty with complement fixation tests for suspected sera is to obtain a reliable
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tissue in its neighbourhood ; idiopathic abscesses of the venter ilii, oi in
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repetition of blood-letting, Magendie found the same symptoms and similar results.
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of the Texas cattle fever, its causation, its transmission
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out the rest;— that they > ary in def/ree; —
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an obstinate and distressing hiccough. Ether, bromide of potassium, musk,
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counties of Hants, Bucks, Northampton, Bedford, Cambridge,
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Accurate observation in some of the large German lying-in hospitals
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Whether the deformity is congenital or acquired the
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states that the injection was followed by an abscess, which lasted
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tient who has previously refused treatment because of
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Whereas, By the death of Dr. Rockwell, St. Mary's Hospital, which
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believed that someone else could do what was needed with greater
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(Micklethwait) — each molecule of malachite green com-

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