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The Ignition of Ether Vapor in Presence of a Closed

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Etiology of Pericarditis. — Rheumatism is the chief cause of peri-

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clinic of the Charite, in that part of the buildings known as the " Sommerlaza-

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contain T ^ grain of the active principle ; 10 to 15 drops of the solution are

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prominent symptoms are not seen. Unscrupulous dealers do not

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properties ; for it reddens and frets the alee nasi and upper lip

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substance the announcement of the death of this dis-

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As individual as is the patient, so individual may be the patient's dis-

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Dr. Wood proposed to state the objection of the Council with

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RoBix gives the following as the conclusions of his researches on this subject : —

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" Water is greatly influenced by the nature and quality of the soil

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vessels of the Coast Guard with medical supplies upon requisition

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rods are not always found in the blood, the spores are said to be

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for the numerous phenomena that followed its use in dis-

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side. — There are certain phenomena especially related to the

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investigations, such as those of Crozer Griffith, who analyzed the post-

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The result is never a general infection with smallpox, but the formation

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mm. in circumference, and these occurred in individuals

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GBON. — Assigned to ouiy at Camp Macbeth, Kumiah,

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function in the formation of a distinct conception by reacting down^

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advances and the striking discoveries, many additions and

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being gravely ill. The diagnosis made by his physicians had

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intestinal tract has been affected. The diarrhoea and hemorrhage^

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alone produce. Epidemics would probably not often occur were it not fo"^,

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of absolute flatness, as elicited by light percussion. If

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apparently involving the left testicle, about the size of a large

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perhaps a little shallower; heart beats continue vigor-

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danger in permitting it to remain, even though it may but

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same disorder under the care of one of my colleagues.

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substances suspended in water by means of gum, or some similar

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ditis ;" "Alterations of Secretion in the Pericardium;" "Atrophy and Hyper-

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action on peripheral blood vessels resembles that of reserpine, though it is

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It is scarcely necessary to observe, that the fresh bed must be well

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applied, the head cannot descend presenting the vertex as readily as when

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hour of 2 o'clock p.m., on the 29th of November, 1898, when the returning officer opens

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pyogenes aureus, which are sprayed into the throat and nose. The

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quently led steady men to the brandy bottle for the re-

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communicate with the trachea ; there being left in the lung in each

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while on the left side inspiration and expiration are harsh, and accompanied with loud,

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Hpparenlly MHico-|inrulent, it was so from loti); accumulation

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the human strain of tubercle bacillus. B. E. in large doses may cause

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