Ethinyl Estradiol Levonorgestrel Lady Oral Contraceptive

I Manic depressive insanity (depression) in middle age.

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groups, I, simple adiposity; 2, adiposity with geni-

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doubtedly have caused extensive necrosis. Instead a pos-

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Philippine Islands — .N'uevaEcija July 24-.Kug. 6 129 88

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18 deaths from suicide, 7 from homicide and 73 due to

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sue any average lines ; they appear as reactions im-

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York. It is a pity, for there can be no general cul-

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June 22d and this increased on succeeding days so that on

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The physician who attended the child at birth placed it

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cording to Hunter, cited in the Journal dc medccine

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in the operating room a time exposure was required, both

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tion spreading over eyelid clinical diagnosis changed to

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. tai)ility and to the energy reproduction of the tis-

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thought, will not only result in the report of many cases,

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tic reputation of digitalis was even at that date well

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fected lobe. In the face of this evidence he reaches

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Russin — Orel. bourg, government Aug. 28-Sept. 3 653 278

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lie is incurably insane and an affidavit by the dis-

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The Sanitary Congress at Elgin.— The Caledonian Medical

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time when the poor soldier had an amputation the hot cautery or

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3. Remarks on the Twentieth Anniversary of the Ameri-

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5. Obstruction of the Intestine in Two Places Due to

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face was distorted, his month most of the time widely

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ing the total number of cases reported, 407, as compared

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arrival in San Francisco, California, will report to the

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pendent thereon) still leave a very fair proportion

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surgical operation, not onlv for the sake of the pa-

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reflex inhibition of the heart during the period of

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3. as protection to the infected party from infection

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structions for the examination of the urine, lists of

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of fire: destructive and artistic (or constructive)

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idle, luxurious, selfish, and with no real sense of obligation

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proved during the past ten years in other respects,

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prevention of the malarial infections, but it is the

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are frequently found to do. The first syllable rep-

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Army and Navy General Hospital. Hot Springs, .Arkan-

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cal action compared with the chemical constitution.

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he can treat of particular emotions or ideas instead

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