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tuting at least one purpose or object for the accomplishment of which the
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Pathological Anatomy. — When the circulation is arrested in an area
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introductory remarks. We propose, therefore, to notice at some length the
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the position of the right adrenal, but was separated by two
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a 20-grain dose of lithium carbonate produce severe general prostration in a
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friend, was serjeant-surgeon to Charles I, and died in the year 1648. He (the
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so extreme, which require similar treatment and methods.
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at room-temperature. On September 25th, 112 days after inoculation, large
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and Construction of recently built General Hospitals, em-
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mittee of June 6 on matters that had been referred to it.
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a case of this kind, and so I honestly tell my patients when asked the question.
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represent it in the National Medical ConveDtion, proposed to
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dermidis aibus, which he regarded as the inhabitant
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for it is only in the early stages of the disease that effective measures
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lh(> Ht'ut of the lesion; honionyinouH hcmiopiit follows lesions of itny
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vitality for indefinite periods long after they have disappeared from the
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of the Kentucky State Medical Society to go to St. Paul and
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to a difference between acute and chronic blood-poisoning.
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extremity of the apex. This systolic bruit may also, when loud and
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the course of the malady, and despite its use. the large
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tribution is regarded as timely. Indeed, opinions recently given at
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may be said that in a case of cercbro-spinal meningitis
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Of measieD, 11— iiit^ntile, 5— coNniimptinn. 6— choleromorbiit, 1— sudden, lilting lever^ 1— ty-
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toms of disorder. The morbid effects have heretofore been greatly exagger-
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tice. Fox River Valley. Immediate opening. Community
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patient in the horizontal posture upon a water or air bed.
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coining the definitive name of a venereal disease. The Swiss physician Albrecht von Haller
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The article on diphtheria, emanating from New York, presents a
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right brim of the true pelvis. Stretched over the upper part of the red
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bowels. If laxatives necessary, oil preferable to aloes.
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Even in the simplest of cases no physician should neglect the precaution
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fered from scurvy from long confinement on board, and ill-ventilated
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great quantity of bile she had vomited. She is entirely well, with no
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ployed — amenorrhoea — ^is but a symptom, and it is rele-
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a thin hard ridge. On either side of the septum the posterior ends of the
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tion. He is induced to believe that in those women in whom
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sion, as may be found consistent with their faithful execution.
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