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as a rule, for a few years. A gradual subsidence of the cardinal symp-

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of the recent German periodicals, have been the means of bringing

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ical pulse of Kussmaul also consists in irregularity of volume, strength,

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assume great gravity, and in some cases hemorrhages (epistaxis, he-

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(f in.) in length and from 6 to 8 millimeters {\-\ in.) in breadth, and

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be invoked as soon as a probable diagnosis has been made.

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years in the Rutland Sanatorium, which has 350 patients. The

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It leaves no raw surface to invite infection; leaves the uterus

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tuberculosis, and often accompanies fatty degeneration.

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foods and by over-eating. In many cases ptomains. the products of mal-

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homceopathically prescribed remedy?" By replying to this ques-

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and prominent. It interferes with respiration oftener than with deglu-

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impossible or can only be accomplished with the aid of two canes, loss

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tion), the characteristic expectoration, enlargement of the liver, Avith

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as an independent condition absolute rest must be enjoined, the general

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.Henry Tyler wing extension; and $30,000 to build a new home for nurses.

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the blood-vessels of the pia, while the nerve itself derives its blood-sup-

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expectoration of hydatid disease. The general condition may not be seri-

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In suppurative perihepatitis the symptoms are sometimes screened by

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ascites is caused either by a leakage of the lacteals (due to ulceration,

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muftled tympany over the tumor and for some distance above, on account

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local pain. The pain is usually of a dull, aching character, and less fre-

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fear, sleeplessness, mental confusion, melancholy, slovenliness, and moral

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and undulating. A diastolic thrill just to the left of the mid-sternum

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Heart Disease, Blood Pressure and the Nauheim Treatment. L. F. Bishop.

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most marked in the fingers and toes, and then in the muscles of the

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etiology, it is invariably preceded by a defective nutritive supply to the

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{e. g. yellow fever), cause hemoptysis. In this class of cases the hemor-

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ever, certain non-medicinal points to be observed in this early

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the summer months, and are always aggravated by exposure to heat or a

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tices, the turpentine stupe, or hot fomentations over the hepatic area, in

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Less characteristic, though still of diagnostic worth, are certain

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Trophic disturbances may result in temporary or permanent changes.

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difficult to determine at what point the transition occurs. Again, it is

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cise, acute dilatation, followed by a speedy termination of life, is

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The parasite {daviceps purpurea) is a fungus that infests rye and other

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Rectal irritation may be allayed by injections of laudanum and

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Tests for Albwniyi. — Two samples of urine, one of the morning before

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abnormal area of dulness is situated at the base of the lung in empyema,

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The Modern Treatment of Alcoholism and Drug Narcotism. By C. A.

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