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large, has now almost totally disappeared ; his general health
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a strong argument against the practice in question. Tait was
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of salines in these diseases, he says: "Diarrhoea and dysentery differ
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for the patient, it has at least taught the surgeon
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slowly, and, as Schmitz* observes, spreads rapidly only
The symptoms usually come on slowly. Before the changes
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Fracture of the Floor of the Acetabulum ... — GOfJ
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mediately centrifuged to differentiate liver tissue from blood
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convalescence after amoebic dysentery an irregular fever sets in which becomes hectic
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only inferior to that of Copenhagen, and for the foundation of
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Avhilst its loAver edge ranged Avith the alveolar arch and perfected the
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the agglutination phenomenon has been questioned. It
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by the change of level of the liquid, corresponding with changes of the posi-
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respiration ceased, not to return in spite of prolonged artificial
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stroma, but to the relative solubility of these salts in the blood-stream.

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