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topics treated of, in the order in which they occur. The book consists

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called upon me walking with crutches. He reported that he had


est facility. This entanglement of the head in a button-hole

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result. But fat can only be produced, as a healthy product,

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while, enjoying the plenitude ft health, until some unusual eX-

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but as regards grade, also. Hence it is, that males are remark-

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nurse expressed it " like labor pains" — the protrusion from

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1st. A new Principle of Diagnosis in Dislocations of the Shoulder

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teration which opposes the menstrual flux. — Journal de Chimie

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Epilepsy followed in case 14, and dangerous fits of syncope in

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urgent had his symptoms become, that after his arrival he was constantly

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bility of affording clinical advantages for all. But even their doubts

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cancer do not co-exist, but it is evident that there are excep-

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and not to set them up as pillars of Hercules, beyond which

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i. e., the discharges ; and in some of the most serious cases it is

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disease — spinach stools. The thumb was not observed to be flexed

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