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force it out by making pressure upon the abdominal walls, but failed

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incorporate them here as they emphasize most clearly the importance

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Pellagrin 84, aged 32 at the time of her initial attack in 1911, became preg-

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per cent of the cases recover, numerous methods of treatment have from

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three hours, alternating with a similar quantity of orange juice. The

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doing their work without complaint at the time the ship

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have also been shown to be of value, not only in in vitro

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examples of general infection. In some the point of entrance of the bacteria

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misrepresent the case. I would not inspire jealousy

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The method followed for mapping out the districts in which the

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needed by the eollej^i-. Much lias also b(reii done for llic

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May. Three weeks befoie admission had been comj)laining

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monic of an inflammatory engorgement of the lung." Since Win-

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Humans, J. Supplementary ovaries, 50, 58; three hundred and

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coccic serum has a detoxifying effect. The exact nature of this effect

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of their fund-raisers. Several church groups already have

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lected with great care, I think that we err in making

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accomplish the bill and surrender it to the carrier. The consignor

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The reader will perceive that many of the symptoms above

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that carcinomata belonging, as they do, to tumors that

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of this method it will not be necessary to translate

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was feverish. Nocturnal temperature normal. A little oedema of

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very bad effect on the eyes of both men and horses. The mem-

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this description are reported by authors, particularly by Jean-Louis

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ble, nor expense, to raise or break a trotting colt, than it

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with an instance where venesection or leeching has been called for.

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exceptional, and he does not believe the majority of fatal cases

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treatment of parturient paralysis, which had been observed and

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greatest pleasure and profit to the extremely able papers

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The demodectic mange of the goat is characterised by little

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all the leading medical journals in England. It contains the

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wound must be brought together, and as many sutures

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To keep costs down, a provision was written into the new

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blistering or fireing. Kind treatment in the way of good

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tubercle is not going on, and the cachexia which underlies the

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Gephart. F. C. : Clinical calorimetry. Twenty- fourth paper. Metabolism

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acter, which, in General Washington, has so impressed the world,

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manner. Recent evidence indicates that both diseases are

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until he had formed a moving picture of them in his

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but Azoth, his familiar demon, the author of his enchantment, did not

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dollars were appropriated for standard works for use in the

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tually prevent any outflow of urine from the ureter upon that

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the two inner coats ; and, .secondly, that it becomes organised

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from which they can not be distinguished. Some of these vermicules

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