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Morbid Anatomy.— The convexity of the ascending portion of the arch

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Treatment. — Under no circumstances are depressing remedies to be given.

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beneath the arachnoid and dura mater, the wall of the tumor containing

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Physical Signs. — Inspection will show a marked enlargement in the splenic

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The joints are usually tender, and often inflamed ; suppurative arthritis

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times it is exaggerated, at other times it is suppressed. Sibilant and souo-

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10. Tubercular Ulcer. — These happen in tubercular subjects and are

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There is vomiting, but it is not fecal. Usually there is constipation, but

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a spontaneous cure. Effusions of serum, or blood, may occur in the sac.

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fetid sloughs, which at first are firm and surrounded by cedematous lung-

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enable one to determine whether the dyspnoea is asthmatic or cardiac.

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lished. This will be attended by the color returning, the skin becoming

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time of the occurrence of the oedema. A large rumber of persons die

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knot in the cloth should be placed over the leading vessel. The tourni-

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Are alike benefited. For children it ii inTolnable, as it forms tbe basis

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to 1:1000. It is valuable in gonorrheal affections in the strength of

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injury, lacerations, bone disease, contusions, fracture, rheumatism, and

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gins which feel like encapsulated cartilagenous masses. These may

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stage the patient complains of impaired vision, with motes and luminous

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one. Here, as in many other instances, the results obtained by

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* •y ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• Om ■

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When the ulcerative process extends through the walls of the gall-blad-

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emaciation are progressive, and the muscular pains are more severe. In

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secretions, resulting in abscess formation. The treatment is an early-

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duced in large quantities, oxygeiuition of the blood is arrested, and it under-

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of fractures of the lower extremity of the fibula. The cause is direct

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is emitted. The eruption passes through its stages two or three days later

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the gall-bladder contains a large number of calculi, violent physical exer-

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ing ; the paroxysm is shorter (three days) than in relapsing {seven days) ; and there is an eruption (like

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small-pox the face is flushed, and day by day the flush deepens until the

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their effects closely watched. Eecently antipyrine and quinine have been


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