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brakeman as the train was starting. She fell heavily on her
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stimulants, with nutriment. Subsequent debility and
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perfectness of the vacuum formed, and, consequently,
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years of age are most commonly affected. Hemorrhagic pancreatitis is the
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the spell of dark and dangerous delusions, in the squalor and ignorance
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pBcoUar fetor of the breath and a metallic taste in the mouth, loss of appe-
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spite the contradictory illuminations of science, so-calleiL
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advanced, an incomplete dementia is the final result."
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future, and with their own vision, and in their own
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content in albumoses too high. With low acidity and much albumoses, albumin
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April 15th: The peculiar sensation described is still
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Dr. Fikny said this paper brought out the point that it was not
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our Army and Navy. Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Louisville, Ky., 1863.
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ceantur bene, et divide in pilulas viginti. Sumat una
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In this plant the stomata are restricted to the under cuticle.
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tonic contractions of the aS"ected limbs began, and
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quent upon putrefaction of these pent-up fseces, and the
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on the ground that they were not duly verified. As to the as-
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infiltration of the cornea with comparatively slight vascularization.
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whatever source, which gain access to the peritoneal
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When the pain in the back and vomiting are violent, they are
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athletic sport, which during the last 20 years has been con-
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sented the angiomata ; in the latter they occurred in
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prominent gynecologists, and had found that there was
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is also at these divers periods that the cholera is i
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ment of catarrhal conditions of the mucous membrane ; adapted to internal use, and to make and
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in indigogene, and, at the same time, to afford another proof of
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or common large bottle filled with water and inverted over a trough
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The author reports a case of this condition in a boy aged
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The cause of the general venous blood-stasis, which is equally-
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boiler could be utilized for this purpose in the summer as is
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At the lower and front part of right testis the skin was
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gradual thickening of lips. Has had two seizures ; one before and one
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cranial sutures ; and a few cases are recorded in which the supervention
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Various Dyes and Atoxyl.— Comhined treatments of MesnU's
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hemorrhage are also visible. On section the liver is "found to be dense and
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organ,- we might, at first thought, think that this one
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Dr. F. A. Hubbard, Taunton, Vice-President ; Dr. F. Mansfield,
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of the leg, for instance, cannot be inflicted without
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membrane of the gullet is healthy. Histologically the constriction of the

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