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rumen (Siedamgrotzky) ; and of the reticulum in the cow (Beylot) ; of
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the turbinals and raise the nasal bone, completely blocking the nasal
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after the first operation, the ecraseur again being employed. It was
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My experience as a general practitioner tending to prove that, especi-
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severely afflicted with the scrofula on different parts of the body ; the glands of the
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Both teacher and class were in this way, he thought, spared the tedium
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patient May 2 1st, 1S68. Two years previously, she had caught cold
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inch. Two thirds of the thickness of the wall of the ventricle were
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go far to limit the sale of the book. There is, at the end of the book,
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longer be content to receive a heterogeneous collection of curiosities
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scarcely stand without supporting herself with her hands. I have there-
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could be detected on auscultation or percussion of the thorax.
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attended its efforts during the last two years. In July 1868, there ap-
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mares, which belonged to the General Omnibus Company of Paris,
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example of this description. There have always been individual operators
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and to restrict myself to dentigerous cysts of the temporo-auricular
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Microscopic examination of these lesions revealed bacilli remarkable
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of the necrotic patch, preserve on the opposite side the larger propor-
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weary, careless of dress and indifferent to his lady
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the respiration was 32, irregular ; the pulse very feeble, and could not
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who think him right in his conclusion must perceive that he is quite
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at first sight there would seem to be no supraspinous fossa ; but a ridge
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28th, she expressed herself as much better. On March 7th, she had
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From the 12th improvement was rapid. The dressing was renewed
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that they lacked pluck, it was impossible not to conjecture from their
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which had died of toxic or infectious disease, and in which, conse-
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inoculate with human tuberculosis alone, but utilised tuberculous
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Members and others requiring information with regard to the meet-
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A Manual of Zoology FOit the Use of Students ; with a General
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deal with a case of incipient phthisis ; and Dr. Cameron, who saw him
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cotton-wool dressing applied, covering the limbs as high as the
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called tobacco-amaurosis, being limited to the outer half of the disc.
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It was proposed by Dr. Henry, seconded by Mr. ^V. Martin, and
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neoplasms, like melanotic tumours, which are very common and are
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