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the thickened hyaline intima, there were small, caseous nodules, sur-

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hones, cast by the encasing layer of newly formed sub-

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of a clocklike figure, the three to six hours required for digitalization. A miniature

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and intermingling of cattle were permitted the ticks would be scat-

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Composite Temperature and Pulse Charts of Forty Cases of Abdominal

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On the Occurrence and Significance of Fat in the Muscle Fibers of the

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be used as are known to be sound and water that is known to be

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through their intestines, and discharging them with their feces.

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number is one assigned to the house by the Department at the time

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scopes — Laryngoscopes; Mirror Headlites; Binocular Spectacle Loupe; Magniscope

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tells us that he found choroidal tul:)ercles post mortem in 39 out of

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liifre.piently oliser\.'.l. Th.' l.ioo.l supply ..f the cort.'X is ii..t n.'arly s..

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43. Kolmer, J. A.; Urol. & Cutan. Rev. 51:193, 1947.

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provisions of this act relating to meat insi>ection, including rent and the employment of

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that discovered by l.anirlev by the use of nii-otine. which in certain i-on-

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are affected and adverse conditions to which they are exposed. The

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The breathing is usually rapid and catching. The body temperature

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ler, M.D., Clinical Professor of Neurology, Columbia

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“There is no relationship quite like that between the

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ewes will rarely altogether escape infestation with nodular worms.

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obtaining long, filamentous forms of bovine tubercle bacilli, staining

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Na 422, as follows, quantities being expressed in cubic centimeters.

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