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said, in relation to the arteries; and in the latter, what his

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later, it is said to postpone ; if it occur earlier, it is said to anticipate ; and

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2. That the operative procedure should comprise opening

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meets quarterly and publishes a quarterly journal ; Massachu-

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trated with a white tumor mass from which a scant amount of a milky juice can be scraped.


The largest staff of Male Nurses and the only genuine Temperance Association

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in all probability, for the rest of their lives. How

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had to feed him as his hands' were so sensitive that he

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may exist in those of the extremities, of the lower jaw, the head,

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The diagnosis is dependent upon a positive tuberculin reaction,

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the latter process would drive the blood from the capillaries to the

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Gerhardt says||: "It appears that the infection from a beginning

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entered in the Case Book, it is stilted that the cajmt clitoridis

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the nineteenth century. Most of these manuscripts must form-

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system over-full, Mr. Barnard recommends abdominal massage, followed

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not of great account. But it is unwise passively to

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occasionally vomiting. Sometimes colic and diarrhea.

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Chemistry ; General, Medical, and Parmaceutical, In-

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standing for some time. In this case the curve changes inasmuch

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"The gentleman whose testimony has just been given, com-

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In adults, loss of weight is a danger-signal that must not be

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internal disease. At page 1095 there is a characteristic

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and purpose not only to secure better obstetricians, but to place the

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some may discover a parallelism in the line of symptoms as run

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the os frontis and ossa parietalia for caries 153 ;

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poi t on holocain as a local aniesthetic in ophthalmic work.

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should be more to be feared in this than in any other

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Sequel to a Case of Slow Pulse.— Dr. D. W. Prentiss,

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following reason : The woman was desirous of not having

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together, and the disease was quite readily stamped out. The

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terior column of the cord a little lower down were the

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servative treatment is practically useless when the organ is aftected by

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