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the spinal and medullary vessels a^ often the only morbid
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follows that it contains a proportionately smaller quantity of
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the disease in other animals. Nevertheless the severe forms of
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and in part to the brachialis anticus. The interosseous branch, below the
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lieved many, an<l will continue to do so, if surgeons will use it ; it has
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mended by some veterinarians. When the swelling is due to a
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as he described it, creeping feelings down his back. The
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toward the centre, but leaving space enough between their
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remedy, as he supposes, controlling the fatty or cholesteric diathesis. 1
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4th, Toulon, 4. July 5th, Toulon, 7; Marseilles, 12.
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half in another at one time. No abscesses followed. — London Med. Record,
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Bizzozero or haematoblasts of Hayem .on the coagulation
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a living, actual reality, and to-day prevails over more than
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with the virus without materially injuring the virus itself. Probably
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and with a patient of Bjelogowy's profuse sweating occurred several
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it does not appear that the really fundamental types of change and their
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usually presents a yellow, or less frequently a greenish- or brownish-yellow
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anxiety (both for patient and physician), requiring
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found in small numbers; but in the glands, between the gland cells, and
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In amenorrhoea for example, depending upon an atonic state of the
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lingua) muscles in some cases. The hj'poglossal is the motor nene fiir iV
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xxxviii, 134-136. — 8chil<I. Eine Typhus' pidemie mit
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saw it had any expectation of its recovery. Remarka-
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to the Edinburgh Obstetrical Society on 8th January 1890. It is
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CSetxi. — ^During the last four years Celli has been interested
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It is recognized to be always a disease of infective origin, and
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adoption of two terms which I suggested four years ago
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nuisance, they could not be allowed to pour it in at all, as

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