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of our charity hospitals, what with clubs and the competition

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for the sake of old associations, but it will be valued also by

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of the district, who in most cases were the vaccination

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" Other RE^LED1ES fob the Eye, in which anything at all has

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and whatever differences of opinion there may be as to the

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produced. Dr. Forsbrook's book is clearly and well printed,

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Mr. Hopwood's ill-timed motion, "That tlie law compelling

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degree the costliness of outbreaks per patient. Warrington,

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first stage of labour is much prolonged, and the pains of tliis

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Dr. T. O', of Chipping Norton, who was the medical

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appear that the form in which it came to her in Berlin was

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Moorfields, 1 p M.-Mr. A. Stanford Morton : .ifTections of

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versity of Glasgow to the Universities Commissioners, this ia

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Woman Free : the story of the Physical, Political, and Psychical Emanci-

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housffree of rentfor twenty-oue years in which to carry on its work. The

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to cause a thickening of the capsule, which may give both

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It was moved and seconded : " That the abstracts of papers

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MANnscHiPTS forwarded to the Office of this Joitrnal cannot

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tation of them. I have unfortunately not had an opportunity of e.xamin-

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trace of purulent matter in the course of the vessels passing

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may not have acquired their aphoristic style from Egyptian

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report before us will help to clear the ground and lighten the

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Period of In/ectivitv.—Cei&ea are quoted to show that measles

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ever, rapidly fatal to anthrax spores in these waters within

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treat any seed spots sown upon the internal mucous mem-

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ma no iron, having selected these animals because they have

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poned which can and ought to be dealt with at once. There

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Thibd M.B. Examination. Eastee Teem, 18S3. Part II (Merficine,

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intelligent layman with pleasure and advantage. Not that

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already given the port sanitary autliorities much assistance, and where

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