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almost equally defective in this respect. Itpermits a statement in
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assertion of Franz Mayr*: "A simultaneous outbreak of scarlatina
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the hands of taxidermists, as here there is a direct application
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ly simplified by a proper division and classification.
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Dorsett’s report of 2 October.” The Committee on Professional Liability was “Authorized to
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and confinf myself almost entirely to practical con-
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— The graduating exercises of the Medical Department of Dartmouth Col-
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by molecular actions. But all molecular actions are chemical ac-
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tributes to his mother and to his early ""^ scores of the applicants hav-e few, if
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result of this work he believes that in the practical man-
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ness on percussion is only revealed when the atelectasis is extensive, and the
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and 2) the operative and/or pathological report did not
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peculiar to the disability which comes under that designation.
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function, with its attendant effect on the nerves have a hand in it.
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alimentary, or respiratory, and so much is some special class of symptoms
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pneumonia in both lungs, also long-continued diarrhea, and great nervous
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complete suspension of nutrition in the part affected, whereas
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Ayre's assertion, that many recovered while taking calomel ac-
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lysis, eccentricity of nucleus, and chromatolysis to varying degrees.

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