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nearly as bad, and salt mackerel worse, except here one eats
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tion of the ice-cap. either constantly or during alternate hours.
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any other plan of treatment will be almost entirely excluded. But
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that while in the paiideniic of 1880-1890 males were chiefly at-
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nervous symptoms) dominate the scene in the majority of the cases.
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Xauheim. They want one hundred guineas." I said. " There is
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wonders in the crying baby. Remember, in the improperly
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tion at the self-sacrifice of their teachers and of those un-
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spraying for these fungi with copper and arsenic, even if we
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Hutinel details a desperate case as a striking illustration of the
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sumes a period of six weeks, and is a rational way of letting
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Occurs first on the face. On the hiinds and feet. In wheals on arms and legs.
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ened by the tobacco, curtail it; for we want no points of
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Definition. — An acute infectious disease caused by the Jlicrococciis
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treatment of the insane for the past thirty-eight years has

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