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It may be confounded with septic arthritis. This lat

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tion. The precise character of these chemical changes we have no

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Conditions acting upon the blood vessels a General arterio sclerosis

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service but the ultimate results iu decreasing the size

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be first driven by the stomach peristalsis against the

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in swallowing subsided but some fever remained and the swelling in

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during the period of the later injections tends to counteract the gradual

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For about thirty hours nature was allowed to take her course.

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irritable nervous temperament increased certainly by

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sixteen days after the peddler left. He died with black vomit

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of the natural temperature or cold. There is great thirst and tow

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Women in the Miami Medical College of Cincinnati died of apoplexy in that

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from a curable cause with therefore a favourable prognosis. As to

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Exciting causes. The presence of obnoxious indigestible or irrita

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or the prostatic plexus by enlarged glands would cause disten

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must be led to regard its occurrence as exceptional. That it

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reational use or for any purpose other than medical

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trusion of vessels the anterior columns being least involved the pos

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with or without vomiting and when the gravel after its difficult passage

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The facility of recognizing the condition decreases

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same asparagus had caused the death of four persons. Moderately virulent.

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Moved out of the county S. F. Jowers from Rockford to Mont

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of the bacillus and its diagnostic applications has but