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and bear out a theory that ferric salts are reduced in the

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taste resembling that of saltpeter. Soluble in an equal

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when he hardly spoke to his colleagues lecturing in

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the patients have a pale yellowish gray appearance the spirits are very

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hand external conditions such as dryness may be important for diph

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dations must be carefuUy controlled and continually up

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by following its application with the rays from a ma

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lofe their elafticity and a fmall quantity of nitrous acid is produced. Itinftantly

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as part of his argument as I am at the violation of the

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the effect has not been removed. While it is possible to

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sumption. The friends of the Dr. feared that the wife s

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Both were removed during the progress of suppuration of

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cumstance of the blood being black does not necessarily prove that

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toms were characteristic. Under treatment by rest and

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matter frequently passing into the bladder before any was

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did well and eventually recovered. This was the first

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Physicians Lave recently presented the theory that cholera

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death. It is this period which we wish now chiefly to

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to scrape. Instrument for removing callosities from

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January the skin of the face had become decidedly paler and

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There have been no outbreaks of cattle plague pleuropneumonia

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Sickness Remedy and hyoscine used alone. In a final survey of the drug

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to be seen. The outward tibial curves however occu

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indicates recovery of this muscular power. When heard the friction is

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ment interfering with the progression of the intestinal contents. The

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service of a portable laboratory to the cities and the towns

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In six rabbits he injected fresh blood of tuberculous rabbits

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The treatment consists in the removal of a strip of mucous membrane

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Principal Medical Officers for use throughout the district

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they eafily pafs unheeded and prevent the fpirit from moving accord

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irritation during the period prior to abscess formation

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with those of its directors whose sacred duty it is to

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tions. In extreme marasmus tonics are used and anti

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for their rapid course and ever increasing deadliness are elements

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He rode on horseback with a foot cloath to visitt his patients

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anaerobic micrococcus recovered from the nasal washings of a patient

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Our first experiments consisted in attempting to activate the serum

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ogy. For more than a century hospitals like the Dublin

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hygienic and social surroundings. The cases were scat

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