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importance will make it clear to us why a tuberculous focus arises

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depend on stimulation of the afferent fibers in the

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previous to their attacks. There was but slight febrile excitement

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entrance of the posterior foramen lacerum and are situated

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stuffy sensation in the chest and the expectoration is copious

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discovered which constitute an essential pathological element in these aflfec

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examinations may carry the germs of virulent and deadly diseases.

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ing his experience with belladonna in sore throat. He says.

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dorsalis scapulse the subscapularis the intercostals and the lumbar arteries.

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came about that he became an anatomist. At the time oi his

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Attending Physician to the Cook County Hospital Chicago

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ute any pathological significance to any slight histological mani

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contents of her vagina may be at once ladled out of the

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Third Stage. Breathing rapid and abdominal foetid cough

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Gravity in the knee chest posture militates against

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tion present seemed very serious he advised that the child

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tagion. The insidious development of an ever present in

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Dr. S iyre presented a third specimen consisting of

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me for soon I learned that what he said was verified.

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ages and usually one attack is protective. It closely resembles measles

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amination and that the specimens on the table show that one

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pensary services. The medical section of a headquarters and headquarters

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method of suppressing puerperal hicmorrhages we will adopt

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Justice of England and was made a peer the other remained a

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hysterical amblyopia with an application of a gold coin to the eyes.

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