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surgeons were under the disadvantage that they seldom saw
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there are acids with which this base will combine but in
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direct infection of the ovum. He obtained suitable litters with
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analyzed all the cases from the literature since grouping them into dif
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twenty seven children. These figures showed that there
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The right side presents the typical appearance and shape of a hydrocele
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cretions of the affected individual are capable of induc
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Odontorrhlxophthisls o dont or rie o te sis. Caries
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to the frequent protrusion of a small hernia which however he
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animals which were believed to be rabid but whose con
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A Fatal Case of Amebic Dysentery. Albu observed this
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In the new born the question is particularly difficult.
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But even so amended it is likely that for the convenience of judges
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salt in a suitable vessel and placed in a closed room the
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the heart the general musculature the lungs etc. Otherwise this general
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this contrivance may be made much larger than the common fort that
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atmosphere was raw. Indeed the whole month was rainy
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flow and thereby cause a swelling and prominence of the
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the bowel but on turning the bowel round it was discovered
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eventually restored. Galen expressed this idea of the unity of the
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in some instances are so characteristic that they assist materially in
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granular bodies. The urine was usually strongly acid and fre
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croupal or follicular inflammation of the pituitary membrane
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the end of the fourth month of her pregnancy she presented
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about fourteen days after exposure and lasts about one week.
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The treatment is the same in all cases. If the poison has
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tion held in Paris from October to M. Auvray described
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nected with or dependent upon destructive disease of the
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pathology. The present treats of pathological psychology
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good surgery even then. I think these dreadful things were
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said that there was no doubt that prostatism could exist
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to croupous djrspnoea is attended by such similar long drawn whistling
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Temporary relief should be given by the inhalation of Chloro
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Professor of Surgery and Obstetrics at the New York State Veterinary College
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were beyond reproach yet they did not tell the whole story
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with our new vegetables. Hence I still hold that we have a severe
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washing out and draining of the knee joint the leg must