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to children. In operating about the orifices of the

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Syphilis and Marriage. Upon this question the family physician is often

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cause to which it owes its existence requires a treatment

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himself and that he had therefore not referred to that

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instrument for this purpose. He detailed the symptoms

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Limestone occurs widely distributed practically throughout all the

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is scanty at first though it may become normal after a time.

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forms. In the Nicaragua Canal hospitals the average

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After complete recovery from shock the paralyzed parts of the body

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some bacteria were very resistant to even the highest heating which they

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have been derived from the body protein assuming that this can form

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shot. He thought he was justified in saying that the medical

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contraction of the cervix and imprisonment of the putrefy

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particularly after eating or drinking. Cold water seems to lie in the

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answer the purpose when better material is not at hand.

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of potassium. Kali chlorieum. Alterative purifier of

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lateral tensor paralysis occurred in cases. The paralyses

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not great as the chances were that the main glands would also