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translucent nodules, sometimes so small that they might almost be

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theory that many of the morbid conditions are due to the circulation

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Committee of the Council on all questions of action to be taken underthe

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the conduct of the undertaker. He only heard of the case

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make use of the obnoxious word " wilful " as applied to the

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variety of fimctions, only a few of which are yet understood.

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one instance which has been brought to our notice, an urban

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kidney, there is a form, described particularly by Rose Bradford, of

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Meantime the bowels should be op)ened freely. If the patient in coma

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j/« 1/i .! Inatrd by sudden and very brief douching of the back of the

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medical science, has been named JExtraordinary Professor in

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the effect that the Council should call the attention of the

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year 1863 my only operation for removal of liard cataract was

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tion. An incision 4 inches in length is made parallel to the

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the right foot, and another on the outer side of the sole.

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