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astringents. It is true that many hemorrhages are self limiting

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by McDonagh for the treatment of Syphilis has been tested by Spence

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so long as a precipitate falls wash the precipitate on

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efficacy of existing general medical machinery for age

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excepting some occasional attacks of indigestion her health was

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hoi ses in that city. The horse becomes weak in tlie

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The secretary of Harvard University Mr. Frank Bolles has

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R. Stern of the Hygienic Institate of the University

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occurs is removed each night until irritability of the

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no complaint of bladder trouble. He probably had a very

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ished to a varying degree nucleated forma in intense anaemia the normo

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the stitched wound in the gall bladder extravasation of bile

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houses. In they resided at Laurens Street where the mother

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ing decline in the faradic and galvanic excitability begins.

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When the condition has been neglected for a day or more the

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which is quite homogeneous or infiltrated with pale myelin like droplets.

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friction are beneficial. In delirium tremens nothing but milk must be

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in the intervertebral foramina except in the case of the

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Auzoux s celebrated Preparations in Papier Mache imported to order.

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necessity for investigation by of hospital system in United Kingdom

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depends upon constitutional measures for his results and he thinks

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dents have seized every opportunity of obtaining academ

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Another remarkable condition of the rectum is the forma

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There arc now so many and effective modes of treating the various

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by analogy and clinical facts the thesis I have been de

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acute mural thrombi multiple in ventricles and right

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stating that it had gradually failed until when seen May

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Judiciary Committee Dr. O Shea Chairman reported progress.

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may occur in the urine gouty pains return in various joints and

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not mentioned it till this time. Finding it to increase and become

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retention of urine or painful micturition. The tendency to heart failure

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cularly to prevent the irritation which might arise from any in

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It was found e.g. that monochloracetate of soda was much more

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negative findings. He concluded from this that thymus

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children in which a child will cry out and exhibit signs

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