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bed should be elevated to facilitate drainage, and thereby to

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chiefly of the outer coat, and is lined with condensed laminae of

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parts and even fractures of the skull may be produced. Sometimes the

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!tom. the accumulation of mucous secretion within the bronchial

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ant" symptoms which will cmvinco them at>once of the-value of such a system of living.—

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Bern has recently given an extended trial to pilocarpin in various

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were unable to participate in a full and satisfactory discussion

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hits awry. Spasms of the flexors and pronators of the forearm appear, then

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pain having left him after the first six doses, and his ap-

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" On the contrary it will be seen,*' he says, '' that laudanum, opium,

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nized the following table shows the age, number, and

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ness of the muscles (of the face or neck more particularly), retraction

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versely, the fact that iodide produces benefit in a case of intracranial

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in the papilla; in brown masses, the superficial layer of epithelium remaining

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& Brown, London ; and Gilbert & Hodges, Dublin.

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greatest resemblance to the tricks of tlie jumpers of Maine, to the " latah "

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and ulceration never occurs. Even in cases where the constitutional

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can be taken up not only by the veins (as was formerly supposed), but also by

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Sugars. — Havana sugar is seldom clean, hence not so good as that from Brazil,

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has persisted, as with many people, all her life and has been fostered

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not without its limitations. Mothers that have pven

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Baltimore Cancer Research Center. Dr. Andrew Vargosko, Chief of the Virology

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puncture is already a recognized procedure, and the reports of

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dePar., 1898, Ixxiii, 730-738. — Chapiit. Consi<16ralions

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We have seen that the functions of the optic thalamus arc

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special work, but they were not of the best quality in every respect.

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usual causes or concomitants of the anaemic state. The disease presented

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Wunderlich a r 'rfr&mo of the profession who consider their

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modelled after the one devised by Dr. Sophus Bang, Finsen's

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Cause. — Disturbances of nutrition beginning with indigestion

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staff of the Cook County Hospital. He is a member of various city, State

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assistant and companion. (Since this was printed, Miss Park-

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