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that we do not at all relish the sneers that are thrown out

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Is left unstated or unexplained. — Am. Med. Times.

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A distinctive feature of this affection, even when it exists in a slight

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sponging the body or the wet sheet. No harm, under these circumstances,

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by me some years since was received by the profession : I then

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loss of power over the buccinator muscle, which frequently occurs in cases

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nature of the pathological connection existing between the bronzed-skin

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venery. The immoderate use of tobacco appears to be the cause in some

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The results may be represented as follows, page 369.

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not being able to detect a single trace of this morbid change

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the kidneys are diseased ; that is, slight albuminuria is incident to gout

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prostration of strength is very decided. This for the most part

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