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accompanying a convulsive state of the iris. Sec J\fembrana nictitans.

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of Chest Physicians, Southern Chapter) and the “Mi-

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writers, signified nervous filaments. Sometimes the term arachnoid

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inactivity of the attention to the impressions of surrounding objects.

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GYNjE'CO-M A'Zl A (yvi/t'i, yi/vacKos, a woman, yuo^ds, the breast).

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[ which, combined with acetic acid, e.xists in wood-soot or fuligo

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by the tubular follicles situated in the pyloric portion of the stomach.

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be light eating; but for business men, four ounces of

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Replace wet clothing by warm and dry covering. Occasionally dash

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Colic, treatment, 757 ; hepatic, antipyrin in, 789 ; sodium

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