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and that these contractions are greatly influenced in a reflex manner by
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did not contain enough fluid for the drop to splash into, yet
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public, who, though they see no harm in the enjoyable pastimes of
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after spending a good deal of time I found it impossible to see clearly
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should not lose sight of the many influences at work, namely, the vary-
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short distance from its distal extremity and at this point was
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case no drug seemed to have any influence. No unplea.sant effects were ob-
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intracranial syphilis, and three times that given to cerebral abscess. The
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whpn the baths fail to reduce the temperature. Complica-
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'Stimulating instead of destroying the functions of the elements
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that each one was damp and mouldy, especially in the cellars.
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Asst.-Surgeon R. B. Williams, detached from du^ at Dry Tortu-
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ance indicate the serious nature of the process. The prognosis is less favor-
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test. The centrifugated sediments were examined microscopically. The
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Roberts says, would scarcely have any marked retarding effect upon
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in rejecting the term M^nifire's disease as a general one, limiting its use to
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They were certainly as loud as I have ever heard them over
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Wood." In an exceedingly able article, too, Dr. C. P. Putnam" gives
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Harvard University. Illustrated. Pp. 1124. Philadelphia: J. B. Lip-
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of the editor will be found on pages 31, 35, and 45.
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not so easy on the right as on the left. F'lexion of the right leg at the
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able Man — Professor Chas. A. L. Reed— A Sketch. I. N.
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collapse and death in the presence of peritonitis. Inflam-
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is understood that Professor Adami, of the pathological depart-
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tion, not the rule. Many foreign hospitals issue printed volumes at fre-
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change in the voice ; it became distinctly nasal, and this progressed grad-
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is also normal. After attacks of htemoptysis there is usually moderate leuco-
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tion have arisen. Pregnancy seems to occur as frequently as is normal after
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ular in shape, but of average size. The child was operated on by Dr.
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In the light of these facts it seemed very desirable to examine the
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allay the irritation which the applications produce, Hebra's ointment is
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doTibtedly have progressed rapidly had not peristalsis
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forts must be directed to transform the irregular, slanting el lip
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layer through the submucous tissue of the periosteum
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with which bleeding into the pleural sac is followed by serous
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the production of crepitus is not so severe a.s would be found in frac-
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conclusion is inevitable that the only active principle is the added alcohol.
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When I first used the term sitophobia I was not aware
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breakable and completely air-tight, effectually obviating the
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the cells. At this level the excessive vascularization is more marked
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lion out, I found in several cases that the two divisions will generally
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potentiality is not reached. This is graphically shown

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