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that anything like an exhaustive account is out of the
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evacuated at once, as there is always the danger of the abscess
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The Tri- State Medical Society of Iowa, Illinois and Missouri, will
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the most of the latter being urea ; so the lungs, kidneys and skin are
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breath, pulse full, but soft, and at times pulsations in the
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still be present. With the decrease of the discharge, there may be at
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it with the body of the mother ; or the ground might become
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in the urine towards the decline of the autunni epidemic.
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rate for boys aged 1 to 4 years was 7.7 per 100,000 while for
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Even my own limited experience enables me to form what I
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is any one direction in which there is room for improvement,
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pin-head to that of a pea, or occasionally larger. While primarily little
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and the foUowing gentlemen were admitted Members :—
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the name of estivoautumual fever for this type, as being the one
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as most favorable to the production of insanity, then
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nourish the system. He believes therefore that it is a mis-
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With tho simple ami successful execution of this movement
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Commission for 1S66 contains a scheme which is to be sub-
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The skin soon becomes hot, and dry, and constricted; headache is
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lu the last International Homoeopathic Congress —
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Edinburgh Obstetrical Society. — January 9, 1901. — Dr. jMilne
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where the combined impressions which pass to the brain as a result of the
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dependent affection, but in almost all cases depends on infection of
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impediment still increasing may, and sometimes do, reach a
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The kindergarten should be a place to educate young children
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ages. (5) In acute and chronic parenchymatous nephritis.
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promptly emptied with a surgically clean hand and the
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parts, there obstruct the capillary circulation, and by either mechanical
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one ought to object to their employment. But such fortunate co-
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adults, spasmodic symptoms are seldom witnessed. A very severe intes-
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nerves. These tonic spasms, which, as is well known, we may induce

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