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boiling, with the gizzard and liver under the wing ; baste them
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duration. He was born in Lancaster County about seventy-six
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dried horse-serum, both of which lessen bleeding time. Hemoptysis is usually
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and responsibilities of medical experts. Syst. Legal
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priority of merit in a scientific struggle in which the numerous
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the seminal vesicles. Every surgeon has been ot times
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little effort on the part of the examiner to reach his office, on
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the resolving power of the microscope. Likewise, finer
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second right costal cartilage. Both murmurs were slight, and were but
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continued back pressure associated with pelvic infection, removal of
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somewhat, increasing the force of its contractions, and
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sistent anatomical changes is very probable, although Chas-
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Lecturers on Special Subjects. — Jonathan S. Prout,
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intra capsulaire du col femoral. Bull, et m6m. Soc. anat.
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fever, and paid comparatively little attention to local manifestations.
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urinary tract function in the evaluation of geriatric urinary
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Six days ago, on waking in the morning, she found that she had completely lost all
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and responsibilities of medical experts. Syst. Legal
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old, a dose of three grains) in a little jelly, honey, or sugar, follow-
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fresh meat and blood from animals in full health did not
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pen or stable within any of the more densely populated parts of the District of
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and with more or less intensity, become a regular and confirmed
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He believes that the soot must prepare the soil for the
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1858 the number of cases was 83 ; 47 on the Home, and 31 on the East India
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when a paroxysm of itching, or a fit of crying, occurs. This is
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" I have resided on the island of St. Kilda every summer
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under a $500.00 contract never to disclose the secrets.
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Davidson, J. D. , and Oliverio, V. T. : Tritium and carbon-14 by oxygen flask
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are undesirable. The remedy is lauded by foreign authori-

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